Adventures of Lizzie & Clara

Computer geek, picky eater, into arts and crafts, any sort of dancing, and exploring subcultures
Retired surgical nurse, into whitewater rafting, exotic travel, musical instruments, and any kind of dancing

Divorced Lizzie and widowed Clara met in 1998 at country western dance lessons. Thereafter ensued a series of adventures (both together and separate). They shared confidences and boosted each other's spirits through a series of depressing "one date wonders". They traveled together to Las Vegas, Arizona, and Orlando. Clara has gone whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, and on a tour of Egypt. Lizzie has gone to Germany and Hawaii and survived multiple trips to Nerd World.

Both are avid dancers and power shoppers. Clara has competed (and won trophies) in country western dance competitions. Lizzie has competed (and won ribbons and medals) in ballroom dance competitions. While in Orlando, they sang at Blazing Pianos and shopped at the "We fit any Human" shoe store. Locally, they've gone to the Chocolate Fest, the Gun Show, the Old School Tattoo Show, Dollywood, various singles dances, and assorted other events.

Since the original adventures, a lot has changed. Lizzie got married and moved to to another state. Clara started competing in the Senior Olympics and now has scads of medals (gold, silver, and bronze) in events that include high jump and free throw.

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