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Since Betsy's work falls into so many genres, pen names are used to brand the different types of writing. As Betsy A. Riley, she writes non-fiction, poetry, inspirational pieces, children's, and modern fairy tales. But, while "Betsy" is "spreading joy and hope", these other ladies are more into spreading tales of fear and irony from Betsy's dark side (aka "warped imagination").The writing styles are not that different--it is the subject matter that changes with the different pen names. By using pen names to brand the different genres, we give the reader a clue about what to expect.

  Desdemona Pike is a pen name used for stories about murders and serial killers, typically people on the road. If you see Desdemona credited as the author, then somebody is going to die, probably badly.

Desdemona's short story "Curiosity Kills" will appear in the Aspiring Writers 2012 Short Story Competition Winners Anthology (January 2013), and her story "The Hand Painted Crocs" is in the anthology That One Left Shoe (April 2012). "Second Opinion" appears in the April (Alter Egos) issue of SNM Horror Magazine, and as one of the top four stories of the month, will appear in print anthology Bonded by Blood V. Her Works in Progress include longer pieces based on "Second Opinion" and an earlier version of "Curiosity Kills" called "Late for Dinner".
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  Cassandra Hex is the pen name used for urban fantasy--zombies, ghosts, and other beasties. This work may include dark humor and satire, but will definitely include things that walk by night.

The short story "Cindy Lou, Who?" has been selected for the Zombies Gone Wild! anthology and is set in the alternate reality being used for two novels set in New Oleans and featuring several different types of zombies. Other stories using characters and settings from that world are "The Goodwill Golf Shoes" and "The Ghost in the Window".
  Delfina Hex writes more towards the paranormal side of horror. No obvious beasties here, but there may be sentient shrubbery, carniverous canyons, and wrathful winds--things that LOOK normal, but behave in unexplained ways.

Delfina has several stories in the anthology, That One Left Shoe: "Slot Canyon Rules", "The Kudzu Conspiracy", and "The Glass Slipper Arrangement".
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NOTE: These are not all the pen names in use. Names are added as pieces are accepted for publication.

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